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tips for buying pointe shoes

I had the unfortunate experience of not finding a 'comfortable' pair of pointe shoe until well into my 3rd or 4th year dancing. It made SUCH a HUGE difference. I couldn't understand why my feet hurt so bad (more than everyone else anyways) and why I wasn't progressing. Then I FINALLY found them. The PERFECT pair of shoes. My problem before was that either my shoes were too tight or too loose. Make sure when you buy shoes that when you stand in first and second position and demi plie that all of your toe joints are flat on the ground.

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Some Tahitian flavor... she must have some crazy abs....


for lovers of the classics

black swan pas de deux, Kirov Ballet

the craziest dancer ever

just thought I'd spice things up with some liquid dance

my intro

I'm 25. I always wanted to dance ballet, but my family couldn't afford it. I got free lessons in Chinese cultural dance from Chinese school from when I was 9. When I started university, I finally had the chance to start ballet. I started pointe when I was 19. I've dabbled in a bit of everything just for fun, tap, jazz, modern, Polynesian, belly dance...  I still really want to learn flamenco and breakdancing. ;)

I hope you all enjoy this community!

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